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jax mika is a seasoned performer at age 29, having started gigging regularly over 10 years ago. jax mika has a versatile repertoire appropriate for all functions from intimate weddings to corporate functions. Her work as a cover artist has seen her singing from Cairns to Brisbane and finally Perth where she has resided since 2018. She can be found performing weekly all over the city. 


The West Coast brought opportunities for her to further explore her songwriting and original music, and with the Perth scene bursting with up and coming artists, jax mika is in the process of releasing her EP this year to join them. With powerhouse vocals, thoughtful story telling lyrics, and earthy tones, she is an artist to keep an eye out for.

In 2022, jax started a new chapter as Director of Venture Music Studio providing premium singing tutoring for passionate artists wanting to take their gift to the next level, or take on the challenge to find their voice.

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